Tonka Bay Fountains
Tonka Bay Fountains

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The mission of Tonka Bay Fountains is to provide one-of-a-kind water features to customers that are looking to add something truly unique to their garden or landscape.  Each fountain is an original creation of natural stones and boulders that blend together well through the imagination of the artist’s eye, and scuptors chisel.  Each fountain is a composition of an endless supply of beautiful rocks that only Mother Nature can supply.  One of these fountains may enhance your current garden or may very well provide the focal point that you have been looking for, along with the tranquil sound and sparkling visual of falling water.
One of the most popular and unique type of fountains that we create are those that utilize a large boulder that has been sculpted out, and essentially, as a water basin.  This type of basin appears like a natural pool within a massive boulder, giving support to a composition of stones rising out of the water.  This type of basin also houses the fountain pump, drain and internal structure that hold the arrangement together.   These water features sit above ground and can literally be placed in any landscape that has access to a GFCI outdoor electrical outlet.
Tonka Bay Fountains also utilizes below ground basins that offer a greater reservoir of water as well as a robust construction to support the weight of the actual fountain that sits on top.  These basins are excavated into the landscape and are typically concealed by the fountain itself along with some type of decorative rock/pebbles.

All of the water features are designed and constructed by Scott Estrem.  Scott, his wife Jennifer and their two boys are long time residents of Tonka Bay, Minnesota.  With a passion for the arts and a creative mind, Scott first started creating stone water features as a means of adding unique artwork to their own landscape over 12 years ago.  As friends and acquaintances requested fountains to be commissioned for them, the idea of Tonka Bay Fountains turned into a reality.  The composition process, mixed with the sculpting of stone to create a piece of artwork from what was a collection of rocks and boulders, is truly a rewarding experience that fuels Scott’s passion.  Each fountain he completes inspires him to start the next.



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