About Us


One of the most popular and unique type of fountains that we create are those that utilize a large boulder that has been sculpted out, and essentially, as a water basin.  This type of basin appears like a natural pool within a massive boulder, giving support to a composition of stones rising out of the water.  This type of basin also houses the fountain pump, drain and internal structure that hold the arrangement together.   These water features sit above ground and can literally be placed in any landscape that has access to a GFCI outdoor electrical outlet.


Tonka Bay Fountains also utilizes below ground basins that offer a greater reservoir of water as well as a robust construction to support the weight of the actual fountain that sits on top.  These basins are excavated into the landscape and are typically concealed by the fountain itself along with some type of decorative rock/pebbles.

Lakeshore Weekly News (June 16, 2015)

A large rock fountain at a previous Art on the Lake produced by Tonka Bay Fountains, owned by Scott Estrem.